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Pincer Snap Tea Infuser

Pincer Snap Tea Infuser

The Black Butterfly

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Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, this durable and corrosion-resistant infuser is a must-have for any tea enthusiast. With just a simple squeeze of the handle, the ball opens up so you can easily fill it with your favorite loose-leaf tea blends. Then simply place the ball in your cup of hot water and let it work its magic. Perfect for single cup brews and multiple infusions, these tea tools will take your daily ritual to new heights. The 24K Gold Tone, 14K Gold Tone, Rose Gold Tone, Silver Tone, and Black Tone, Pincer Snap Tea Infuser is perfect for those who enjoy single-cup brews or multiple infusions without wasting extra leaves. Say goodbye to disposable tea bags that add waste to landfills and hello to eco-friendly, reusable strainers.


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