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Interested in carrying our awesome products!  We're on Faire!   Here's what you need to know.

Faire Wholesale Registration

We are selling our wholesale line through Faire.  If your are interested in viewing our line-sheet please click HERE.  If you're already a member, then you know all about the advantages of Faire.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Faire, here are some of the perks.


Perks to registering with Faire

  • Get $100 to spend on purchasing our work and free shipping for year on our products at Faire. This offer is only valid if this will be your first time using the platform.

  • A net 60 payment option.

  • Free returns within a 60 day period (only applies to a first time purchase from a brand/maker).

    If this all sounds great, CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP WITH FAIRE and get $100 off of your first order of our products and Free shipping for an entire year on our line of products.  (You will only receive this offer if you use our CLICK HERE TO SIGN-UP WITH FAIRE link shown above)

 Wholesale Policies

Payment Methods and Terms

  • Credit Cards Payments Only


  • Order Minimum - $150.00

  • Re-order Minimum - $100.00
  • A minimum of 6 cards per design

  • A minimum of 2 art prints per design


  • All orders will shipped flat, via USPS - Priority Mail or UPS unless otherwise requested and will be at the cost of the buyer.

  • Shipping cost typically vary, but starts at $14.95 for most orders. Shipping costs are based on size and weight of prints and other goods ordered and may vary from item to item (especially for large orders).

Estimated Production Time

  • 1 - 2 weeks (dependent upon availability) 

Product Customization

  • We are open to working with you to customize our products, but please note that any customized product cannot be returned.

Returns, Damages, and Repairs

  • Faire offers you free returns and refunds on products from brand you have yet to try.  You can try out new product lines and send back whatever you and your customers are absolutely in love with! You have 60 days from your order date to return products to Faire.

If you have a question about something that we have not answered, please email at statementgoodsdesign@gmail.com with the subject Wholesale Question 


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